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We provide remote design and software development services on a performance-basis. Clients only pay for delivered tasks.

About us

Let's be real

At Unvoid, our mantra is "Be Real", and everything in our business model is aligned with that:

Few clients. High quality.

We have a limited number of projects we can execute simultaneously without sacrificing quality. We will work within that limit, no matter how much money is on the table.

Simple contracts with no fidelity.

We only want you as a client if you're happy with us as a provider. If we're not providing value anymore, you should fire us.

Risk-free money back guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with our service, you can request a full refund during the first 2 weeks of us working together. For any reason. No questions asked.

The Unvoid Difference

Pay by hoursdeliverables

We made software outsourcing risk-free.

How it works

  1. Task is assigned to us
  2. We estimate task points
  3. You review & approve our estimates
  4. We execute the approved tasks
  5. You pay by points of the delivered tasks
What happens if I don't agree with the task estimate?

You can tell us why you disagree and request a re-estimation. Once we reach an agreement, the task becomes approved.

How do you ensure that your estimates are accurate?

We consider a task estimate to be accurate when three or more developers are asked to estimate and they provide similar answers.

If the developers are providing very high estimates, that generally means we should break the task into smaller pieces.

If the developers are providing inconsistent estimates, that generally means we should ask for clarification.

Why us

How weensurequality

How weensurequality

How weensurequality

We adopt several measures to deliver high quality services. Such as...

Bullshit-free Hiring Process


To maintain our high-quality standards while we grow in the number of employees, we had to develop an extremely rigorous selection process.

And since the traditional way of hiring professionals is flawed, our selection process does not consider the developer resume, we test and filter the candidates in practice, with real-world tests.

Intensive Training Program

After going through such a rigorous selection process to join Unvoid, our developers still have another big obstacle before they are allowed to work for our clients...

Developer coding

In the first few months, newly hired developers only work on internal Unvoid projects and undergo intense technical training to ensure they all produce code that meets Unvoid's quality standards.

Strict Guidelines

We instruct our developers to always assume they're working in a project with high compliance and strict quality control (banks, medical, research).

Our code should be efficient, clear, and well documented such that any other developer can understand it.

Functional programming

We Take Nothing for Granted

We intentionally crafted a business model that keeps us in the mindset of doing our absolute best to prove ourselves to you throughout the entire project.

Starting from our culture and going all the way to contracts with no fidelity, we ensure you only stay with us if we're delivering you value, and you're free to fire us anytime if we don't.

Don't hire devs.Hire results.

Don't hire devs.Hire results.

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